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  Question #1 – So why is your coffee less expensive than other gourmet coffee?

Answer – Our goal is not to ‘make a million’, our goal is to ‘make a difference’.  Simply put, we are in the business to make a profit so we can stay in business and help others.

Words we take to heart:  “I know what it is to have little, I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned to be content with whatever I have.”  Philippians 4:11-12


Question #2 – How long will my packaged coffee keep and should I put it in the refrigerator?

Answer - Being involved in shelf life studies, (keeping samples and cupping or tasting them through-out the months) it’s been my experience whole bean coffee will keep well over 5 months if packaged properly. Some of the larger roasting companies use anywhere from 7-12 months. The advent of the one way degassing valves vastly improved shelf life. I have tasted over 100 cups of coffee a day for weeks on end, and was very sensitive to changes. Most consumers may not be that sensitive. The above statement is only my opinion based on the studies. This info is just for you to plan your purchases and a benchmark for our quality control tests.

You can store unopened coffee bags in the refrigerator if you so choose, but the best place to store coffee long term is just in your pantry. The freezer may affect the performance of the degassing valve. With all that said, once opened, keep your coffee in a sealed air-tight container on the counter or cupboard…oxygen is an enemy of coffee. Preferably use your opened coffee within 7-14 days.  *Ground coffee will not stay as fresh as long as whole bean, so we recommend buying whole bean and grind only what you need for the day. If whole bean is not an option for you, simply plan on buying smaller quantities and use as soon as possible.


Question #3 – What is your standard grind?

Answer  – When ordering, our standard grind is medium for flat bottom coffee makers. But know we will grind to your needs. We can grind more course for your percolator or French press. If you have an espresso maker, we will be happy to grind at a finer particle size for you. Use it quickly. Smaller particle size means more chance of staling.  You may email us for special grind requests at or call at 717-266-2487


Question #4 – Do you roast and pack your own beans?

Answer  – Yes, we have over 12 years experience in the coffee roasting and packaging industry. We pack shortly after roasting using a one-way degassing valve on our whole bean coffee. Ground coffee is allowed to degas naturally for a very short period before packing.  We operate out of a clean recently built facility. We are inspected by PA dept of Ag, and have HACCP accreditation. 


Question #5 – Do you take special request?

Answer  - Yes, we can roast to your specifications for additional fees.  We can also pack in larger quantities for wholesale customers. Call or email for special pricing. or phone at 717-266-2487


Question #6 – What is your shipping method?

Answer - We make every effort to ship your order the next business day and try to use the most efficient and cost effective methods. We use USPS for most of our shipping. If you would like to expedite your order, please contact us by email or phone.

Question #7 – Will you sell me just the green beans?

Answer  - Yes.


Question #8 - How would you recommend I brew my coffee?

Answer  - My Coffee Guru recommends you follow the brewing standards developed by the SCAA defining five points of quality for brewed coffee.  Here is a brief synopsis :
(1) Proper ratio of coffee to water - Just remember 2-4-6  meaning two tablespoons for every six ounces of water. If that is too strong, add hot water to your taste, don't skimp on the coffee. Too little will be weak and bitter.
(2) Proper grind- the grind should match your brewing equipment. Course grind for percolators & French press, med grind for flat bottom coffee makers, fine grind for your espresso machines.
 (3) Proper equipment operation – If you have been shopping lately, you will see a vast array of coffee machines on the shelf. There are many makes and models. Preferably you should have a machine that drips the water evenly over the grounds.

(4) Good water – if you don’t drink your water, don’t brew with it.

(5) Clean equipment – don’t need to explain that one too much except the time between the cleaning cycle tends to creep up on you.  Check the manufacture recommendation for cleaning.

*Note:  Freshness is a big factor as well. Throw out that coffee that was open and sitting in the refrigerator for three months. I bet it will taste like wet cardboard.

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